Sunday, November 16, 2008

Back to the daily grind..

College has started again unfortunately. The holidays just flew by and I didn't even notice. But then again, don't we all. Holidays and breaks are never enough. And sure enough, as I predicted, I failed to live up to what I planned to do during the 3 week break.

Things I've done:
  1. Get MUET done with.
  2. Watch Avenged Sevenfold in Singapore.
  3. Watch Tropic Thunder
Wow, only three out of the eleven I listed down quite some time ago. Guess I'm always like this. Gah.. Oh well... Pretty much spent my entire break rotting away at home, in front of the computer most of the time. Seriously not healthy, but I did get a good rest.

And oh, go watch Tropic Thunder, it's hilarious.

Recently, I've been in a weird mood, watching a lot of sob stories and romantic comedies. I mean, Kit Leong was shoving in my face Saw V and this movie about some hot japanese chick running around killing zombies and I wasn't remotely interested to watch them. So far I've watched "What Women Want" and "Must Love Dogs".. What Women Want is a superb movie, though it's an old one. Perfect date movie (hint to all the guys who want to find movies to watch with their girls at home).

Besides that, I got my results for my previous semester, though it's only the grades. Hope to find out the GPA by tomorrow.

Accounting, Economics and Management : A-
Analog and Digital Communication : A-
Circuit and Signals : A-
Microprocessor and Microcontroller Systems: A-
Maths III : A

Electromagnetic theory: C

Besides the last subject mentioned, I pretty much had a good semester.

Hopefully my GPA wil be higher than Chinway's, then it's off to TAO for my treat. Hah!

Song recommendation of the day:
I'm a bitch : Meredith Brooks

p.s: I just can't get enough of mayo.

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C.h.i.n.w.a.y. said...

apa tu tropic thunder? =/
lol btw results! wtf cant wait :D