Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Hi, my name is Je Sen and I live in Cyberjaya

From the title, as most of you can guess I have a new address. Yes I'm living in the "INTELLIGENT CITY", called Cyberjaya and am now studying in Multimedia University. Trust me there is nothing intelligent about this city, pretty much in the middle of nowhere.

It's been quite some time since I've updated anything on my blog. Been busy, pretty much starting over as freshmen in a new university. Besides that, with the help of my parents, the place I live pretty much has everything that I do consider the comforts of home, with the exception of my family being there of course.

Living on my own so far, seems to be going pretty well. People seem to say it's hard being on your own, being independent. But somehow to me, it does not seem that hard. Though of course, I do miss home, but this is something new, and I guess I thrive on new things.

The first few days of uni have been fairly unexciting to say the least. Haven't started any tough sections of the subjects yet, so I guess I'm still taking it easy. The population of MMU is pretty large, though the ratio of good looking girls might be 1000:1. Yes, it is very sad indeed. But I'll live.

I guess that's the update for now. I know many things are yet to come. And I'm pretty sure I'm very ready to face them.

Here's one pic!

The first home cooked meal!

P.S : Driving here absolutely rocks!

Song recommendation of the day:
Trivium - Of Prometheus and the Crucifix

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