Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A different side of life.

It's been a really long while since my last post. Guess I've not really had much time to spend online, as the finals are coming up next week. Feel pretty relaxed though..

Loads of things have happened since my last post, and I've gone through many changes. For one, I now found out that I can study some place else besides in the comfort of my room. I spend every single day waking up with a smile and looking forward to the new things the day will bring. Guess it's really been a while since things are like this. Despite the finals looming in 1 week's time, I still find time to do things I like and not just lock myself in the room 24/7.

Some of the highlights of the week would include my music performance at New Era college, stuffing myself at the Pasar Malam in Serdang and going around to random places to study with my girl.

The Performance at New Era
The performance at New Era went well. I have to admit I was pretty nervous, but soon got over my jitters after the first song I played. My girl tagged along and became my personal photographer.

The first song was the song composed by my friend and fellow ex-Disted coursemate Lim Sze Lin, entitled "Be An Angel". During the Fresh Bottle Recital night, he limited my playing to "as simple as possible". But during this time, I was allowed to go crazy with the song. And I thoroughly enjoyed that.

The next song was the song which had the highest audience ratings during the Fresh Bottle Recital night which was, Jian Tong Nian, written by Ghim Yao. This song had an encore performance both during the recital night, and in New Era.

I was also asked to add extra flavor to the song. And I did. I hope. Lol.

I can safely say we made our name there that day. Despite technical difficulties with the mike. More pics!

Pasar Malam in Serdang

Recently I discovered a pasar malam nearby to Cyberjaya. Well 20 mins is considered near over here. It was quite a pleasant surprise. By "pasar malam" I usually expect it to be shops selling cheapo toys and clothes. But this pasar malam was a food galore. Shin Wei and I went along with our friends Natalie and Chee Wen.

Nevertheless, I have to say we ate alot. And by we, I mean Shin Wei and I. We probably ate two times or three times the amount of Natalie and Chee Wen put together. Oh well.. The food included satay, some ice kacang thingy but with fruits, chai kuih, mua chee, chinese sausages, pancakes, and other foodstuff that I can't remember the names.

Definitely would want to go again. Pictures aren't available at the moment as they are all in Shin Wei's phone.


Study week was indeed fun to say the least.

Here are some random pics:

Recital Practice:

Blood Donation

SS2 and Secret Recipe

Song recommendation of the day:
Liquid Tension Experiment - Paradigm Shift

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