Thursday, July 30, 2009


I just turned 21 today. As I cross the threshold to adulthood, I stopped to think. So much has happened the past 21 years, that it's hard to even list down everything. But I think the moment I stepped into adulthood, I am definitely happy with who I am today.

Well anyway, I had one of the most memorable nights of my life the night before I turned 21. My girlfriend invited me out for a dinner date via a voucher she sent me through the e-mail. Took me a while to realize that the voucher was made by her. It really brought a smile to my face.

It was definitely a night to remember. She put her heart and soul in planning everything to perfection, just to make my 21st birthday an unforgettable one. Thank you darling. It really meant a lot to me. :)

Song recommendation of the day:
Bryan Adams - (Everything I Do) I Do It For You

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I~LëaD~mŸ+WAY said...

u're most welcomed my dearest:)U're meant to have it all.I am glad that u have a blast on ur special day.Everything is worth when i see a sweet smiling face from u.U're adding a beautiful year into your life.May all ur dreams come true.Wish u a healthy life ahead and everlasting happiness.With love ^^