Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The clock never stops ticking.

It has been sometime since my last post, not counting the tag. This semester seems to be passing at lightning fast speed, not giving me any time for a proper breather. Tests, assignments, lab reports. Everything within the month of December. And in January, my finals will begin.

Guess I still prefer short semesters compared to long ones, cos at least it seems to end really fast. However, as this semester ends, I've got to prepare to begin another stage in my life; living on my own in KL. Of course I'll be with friends but it most likely will not be same as the pampered life back in Penang. Somehow or rather, I've been having mixed feelings about leaving. Excitement and dread. Excited about being in a whole new environment and exploring new things, while dreading being away from home, family and dog. Guess I'll still come back a few times a year.

But overall, I've been too occupied to let my mind dwell on what's to come. Right now I've got 2 assignments with back to back datelines and a test tomorrow. Plus the music studio proposal has just been submitted to the SAO (Students' Affairs Officer).

Yes, my friend, Chinway and I are planning to turn the SRC room into a mini music studio. Something to mark our place in the college. And of course where we could come back and jam for free once we've left the college. Hopefully we'll get the thumbs up from the college administrators and we can begin turning that dump of a room into a studio.

Seems I've got so much to do and so little time. But I'm sure as hell everything will be over before i know it.

Gotta get back to work. Till then...

Song Recommendation Of The Day:
Steve Vai - The Audience is Listening

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