Thursday, October 16, 2008

...and it's over as soon as it had begun

Today was the last day of the paper. Hooray for me... Didn't really explode with joy as I have actually started relaxing a few days before.. But then again, it's over! Grueling 2 weeks of stress and studying. Can never get used to it. But after it's done, it always feels good. Except dreading that e-mail from Mr. Taiff about who failed and who got borderline for the exams..

*crosses fingers for electromagnetic theory*

Anyway, after-exam celebration consisted of a usual movie with the rest of the class, and this time, bowling! Watched Max Payne which just came out. Played the game a long time ago, so I was pretty excited about it. But it turns out to be rather disappointing, as the plot twisted and turned too fast for most people to understand. Slow motion sequences were cool. So were the valkyries.. But most of the time the plot didn't make much sense.

However, Mila Kunis did star in the movie as Mona Sax (female assasin, wooooooooooooo).. So that pretty much made the movie much better for me.


So okay, enough of that...

The question I have to ask myself now is:

"What am I gonna do now?"

Well, among the current plans I have in mind (some suggested by friends):
  1. Get MUET over with.
  2. Watch Avenged Sevenfold kick ass in Singapore. (rob Derrick Say)
  3. Practice drums at least 2 hours a day.
  4. Work out twice a week.
  5. Continue drum lessons at the House of Drums.
  6. Paintball.
  7. Ipoh Trip.
  8. Water sports at Jerjak.
  9. Hiking and visit Pantai Kerachut (influenced by Chiew Tsing's pictures in his blog)
  10. Watch Tropic Thunder, looking forward to it.
  11. Do song recordings.
Okay so the list is rather long, and I really do hope to stick to it. I have 3 weeks of freedom! I'll cross off the items on the list one by one.

Anyone else got holiday ideas do share them with me!

Song recommendation of the day:
Rage Against the Machine - Microphone Fiend

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