Monday, October 6, 2008

Exam Fever!

Well exams are here again, starting tomorrow, and as usual, I'M HYPED UP! It's always like this when it comes to exams, because it is over as soon as it begins. It's the days leading up to it I can't stand. The tedious hours studying, worrying if I can finish on time. But somehow or rather (although I've never listened in class) I managed to come through yet again.

I have this mentality when it comes to exam, as long as I've studied, and I know I've done all that i can, it does not matter what results I get. Thus, I can always walk into the examination hall feeling confident, no matter what outcome there will be. I believe this is what has gotten me through these past few years of my degree and foundation, confidence and stability. This is because I have no worries whatsoever. It's not that I'm very sure I'm gonna get straight A's and a 4.0 gpa. It's because I don't care what I get. Of course, we all want to do the best we can. But what's important is doing your best.

A friend once asked me, what does it mean by doing one's best. There isn't a sole definition for "doing your best". Everyone has his or her own meaning to it. To some, doing your best would mean giving up everything, only focusing on studies. No tv, no computer games, manga, anime.. But no, to me, doing your best is when you've finished what you've done with the satisfaction of knowing you actually put effort into something, more effort than you normally do, but in the same time not giving up the things you enjoy in life. I still watch tv, I still go online, I still play my drums. And yet I manage to finish reading up what I have to, do tutorial questions. And build a basic foundation which is needed in the exam. Maybe some might consider me a slacker, but so far my achievements have been good enough for me. And noone can say anything about that.

However, I have to maintain my 3.67 cgpa for a first class degree. It's solely for the purpose of getting a good job, good pay in the future and of course make my parents proud. But my grades are not what really what matters the most to me.

This is my current exam timetable, as you can see this week is the tough part:

7/10 (Tuesday):
Engineering Maths III (2.30 - 4.30 pm)

9/10 (Thursday):
Circuit and Signals (9.00 - 11.00 am)

10/10 (Friday):
Basic Economics, Accounting and Management (9.00-11.00 am)
Electromagnetic Theory (3.00-5.00pm)

14/10 (Tuesday):
Analog and Digital Communication (9.00-11.00am)

16/10 (Thursday)
Microcontroller & Microprocessor Systems (9.00-11.00am)

24/10 (Friday)
Avenged Sevenfold live in Singapore oops that was kind of too big

Can't wait to get everything over with!

And oh, just for the sake of putting extra pressure and making things more fun:

Terms and conditions:
  1. The person with lower GPA for that semester has to treat the other to a buffet lunch at Tao Cuisine Japanese Restaurant.
  2. If the other person gets a GPA of 2.0 or below, take pity and do not force the person to treat you.
So it begins....

Song recommendation of the day:
Dark Oscillators - Superstar DJ


C.h.i.n.w.a.y. said...

LOL .... actually i have quite the same thought about exams. I don't like to talk about it after it has passed. i take that i've done my best. 1 down! 5 more! zzzzzzzz

Anonymous said...

im sure u'll do well. =]

Martina said...

You write very well.