Friday, October 3, 2008

Past Recordings

These are 2 of my previous recordings that I put up in facebook, decided to put them here too. With a little more explainations. Haven't been recording anything new lately as my exams are getting pretty near. Plus I have been spending more time experimenting with new high-hat/snare fills which I will incorporate into future solos. But in the meantime here are two previous ones. Actually have three, but the first had extremely bad quality.

(Imeem player takes some time to load)

My Second Solo

I used the windows sound recorder to record this, using a cable from the headphone slot directly into the microphone slot of my brother's laptop (mine doesn't have windows sound recorder). Played to the backing of one of the present songs in the Roland TD-9. Couple of mistakes here and there, as I recorded it on the first take plus no prior preparation. Just played according to what I felt. My first solo can be found by accessing my facebook profile.

For those who are interested to know, I used single stroke rolls for all the fills in this song.

An Original Composition

This song was actually supposed to be for the Disted song writing competition. The pianist, Lim Sze Lin wrote the song and I was supposed to add drums and lyrics into it. However, it didn't materialize due to my procrastination. So we missed the dateline. I added the drums much later, only recently to Sze Lin's beta recording. You can hear the music tempo changing from time to time, because the piano part was played without a metronome, therefore has slight errors here and there. But overall it's a good first take. Will do a better recording during the holidays.

I recorded this using Sony's Acid Pro 6.0 on my laptop (25 days trial period left.. damn)

Will come out with much more material after the exams. With extra inspiration after the Avenged Sevenfold concert!

Song recommendation of the day:
Savage Garden-To The Moon & Back


Snuffles said...

dood sze lin played with feeling xD so surely the flow is not in strict time... besides all classical players tend to not follow time strictly from time to time it aint errors lah~

anyways i've a better program to record sound... adobe audition... no trial period... i'm using the 1.5 version to edit my songs :D :D

Je Sen said...

well if he wants me to record drums over it, it's gotta be in time.. D: anyway lend me the adobe audition when i see you!