Friday, March 6, 2009


A few nights back I went for an audition. It was to play drums for a concert in April.

I actually did not want to at first. Lai (the rhythm guitarists i played with) went to the actual date of the audition, which was on the 2nd of March if I'm not mistaken. I did not want to go because the band was under the Chinese Language Society. And if you all know me, I'm the Chinese dude who doesn't speak any Mandarin whatsoever. So to avoid ridicule I decided I'll just leave it at that.

But then Wing (lead guitar) told me that there would be a jamming session on the day after audition. He even showed me the ad, which said anyone who plays music are welcome. I was thinking myself, I will not miss the chance to play drums at any opportunity I'm offered. So I dragged my friend, Sze Lin with me to go. Since he could speak chinese and was a musician anyway (pianist).

I was bored there at first, as they played mostly chinese songs. And those songs had minimal drums. But the people there were pretty nice. They found out that I was Chinese-illiterate and all of them spoke to me in English. They even offered to play some English songs. I was like, hey,maybe this isn't too bad.

The session was pretty fun. I played drums (yay) and I even sang. Despite his earlier complaints, Sze Lin was having fun playing the keyboard. During the session, a few of the musicians came up to me and asked why I did not come for the audition the previous day. I shrugged off the question.

The next day, Sze Lin told me that the society was having another audition and they asked me to go. So what the hell, I went along with Chinway and Sze Lin.

Here's how the audition went:


CW : Hey, are you sure this chord is correct?
Keyboardist : Yes.
CW : It's definitely wrong.
Keyboardist : No it isn't.
CW : Yes it is.
Keyboardist : No it isn't.
(Repeat x100)
The entire session was pretty much this argument. No doubt Chinway was the way better player than the current keyboardist but some people just can't admit mistakes.

SZE LIN'S AUDITION (keyboard)-

SL : I'm gonna play an emo song of my composition. (I'm just guessing this because he composes songs and it sure sounded like one of his compositions)

*plays emo-song written by himself*

I'm pretty sure he would get the part, as there was no heated battle happening during his audition. Lol. Plus he is an awesome pianist. Anyone wanna listen to one of his songs, I have it.


I'm gonna leave this blank. Don't want to seem like I'm bragging and later not get the part. LOL

Anyway, the concert is in April as mentioned at the start. I guess it will be a good experience as I've never played on stage for a large audience before. Hope it all goes well.

*edit* : I passed the audition. :)

Song recommendation of the day:
Crazy Town - Hurt You So Bad

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