Saturday, March 14, 2009

Can't we all get along?

Some things have been on my mind for quite some time. It's the petty squabbling and animosity among the people I know. People dear to me whom I consider all friends. It would be something I will not quite understand. Everyone is different, everyone has their flaws. It is up to us to accept them, understand, and help them change.

Sometimes the things said or done by an individual might come off wrong to others. But after knowing that person more, we can know why and where it comes from. What happened in the past to make the person act the way he is. And that helps us to accept their actions, to forgive and let go. We are human, we make mistakes. We speak before thinking, later on wishing that we can take back what was said. I myself know that sometimes what I say can come off as insulting, degrading and egoistic when I get carried away.

But it's the serious moments, the moments when you see friends being there for one another, is when actions do count for something.

Nowadays, a harmless joke from one will spark anger in another. And it really saddens me, as I know, no one actually means what they say. It was said in good spirit, yet the other party takes it to heart. Probably because what was said hit a nerve. Then you have to think again, not everyone will know what's on your mind. Not everyone will know the things you find sensitive or hurting. I have faith in all my friends that they are all good people. I'm pretty sure if the person did know how badly what he did it affected another, he would refrain from repeating it.

But it's not entirely the fault of the people taking things too seriously. Knowing where to draw the line, knowing when to apologise is a different thing all together. And I can't deny, that some of the people that I know do go too far. And I know that I'm not excluded in this matter, I am trying to change.

In conclusion, it is possible for all this to go away, if we're more honest and direct to each other. To shut up and listen. And I'm willing to start it all off.

So, my friends, what shit have I done? Tell it to me in my face. Then hopefully we all can get along because I know that all of you are good people at heart. And what I think about all of you will not change.

ps: the very last sentence is a lil gay. LOL

Song recommendation of the day:
Brooke White - Hold Up My Heart


mei.zhi said...

where did all this spur out from? i like it, very personal. now this sounds more like a blogpost! haha :)

yes i think this can be an issue but dont you think if you regard one as a friend you know that it's never intentional? so prolly the bond between the two (whoever that inspired this post) isn't ready for those type of "jokes". it's all so subjective.

Je Sen said...

Well just something that was occupying my mind for some time. And are you saying my other blog posts arent blog posts? LOL

mei.zhi said...

too-doo-doo-doo-doo :)