Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Home, is where the heart is...... As well as my dog, drums and air conditioned room.

As you all might know, I'm back in Penang for one week. Wished it could be longer, I mean who wouldn't. Being back home feels exactly the same as the day I left it. Joey greeted me like I was never gone, my room looks exactly the same (besides for an empty table, it's usually messy). My mom starts stuffing me with vegies. And my drums sit there, dust-free (thanks to whoever who kept it that way =D )awaiting my return. It does feel good to be back. But my car is left in Cyberjaya. Guess I'll have to steal Je Vin's in the meantime.

Got this week pretty much planned out. At first it seemed like I have nothing to do, but my schedule is getting filled by the second. And I'm not complaining. At least I won't rot at home.

Besides that, I also got my song list for the concert next month. Turns out I'll be playing 4 songs, 2 English songs, 2 Chinese songs. All emo songs. I think every single song being played in the concert is pretty much really really slow stuff. I think I'm gonna fall asleep performing. But hey, I get to play on stage.

Songs to be played:
Being With You (song with really gay cliche'd lyrics)
Be An Angel (piano composition by Lim Sze Lin)
Hou Lai Zhen Me Le (This one seems okay)
Jian Tong Nian (This song is just plain annoying)

*edit : Jian Tong Nian turned out to be the most enjoyable song for me to play on the concert night. I take back my words.

That'll be it for now. Busy busy week.

Song recommendation of the day:
The Prodigy - Run With The Wolves

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