Saturday, March 7, 2009

For You

As promised! Hope you like it, it's been ages since I've written anything.. Sorry if I'm a lil rusty.

I see you standing there,
Looking ahead with a glassy stare,
With a hurt noone has to bear,
But this life is not one to be fair.

I see you standing still,
Not wanting to feel,
Not wanting to leave this ordeal,
Not wanting to let your heart heal.

I see you feeling afraid,
For all the things that were left unsaid,
For the tears that you've shed,
But still not knowing what lies ahead.

I see you holding on,
To the remnants of the past, long gone,
Keeping it all in, withdrawn,
Hoping and yearning for a new dawn.


Let me take you away,
Steal your pain day by day,
Lead you from the dismay,
Just to see a smile hidden beneath the fray.

Let me open your eyes,
To see a world where happiness has no price,
To free your heart from behind the ice,
To see things under a new sunrise.

Let me be your pillar,
To hold onto when you feel bitter,
The one who makes your life brighter,
When everything around you seems to wither.

Let me take your hand when you're weary,
Because it's not too late nor too early,
For you to leave the pain behind, to walk steady,
Never alone, for I will always be there, always ready.

Song recommendation of the day:
Shannon Thomas - Collide

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